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Soup tureen

Soupiere 1
Soupiere 2
Soupiere 3
Soupiere 4

Technical Data

Capacity : 1,9 L

Diameter : 19,5 cm

The most recent addition in the Vitaliseur’s accessories is the ceramic soup pan. This soup pan is adapted to all different larges Vitaliseur (old and new models). You have to put it on the perforated cooking basket, unlike the stainless steel soup pan which replaces the perforated cooking basket.

Held in this position, the ceramic soup pan heats up quicker; the steam flows beside the soup pan, thus keeping a better heat density. Consequently, you can keep simmering water by using the soup pan.

The soup pan allows you to cook large quantities. It is also easier to stir in the soup pan while cooking cream or risotto.

The ceramic soup tureen is sold with a cork base which links the steamer basket and the plate, ensures you don’t get burned and that your worktop remains clean and dry.

The soup tureen is a highly-stylish, practical accessory which can be set directly on the table after cooking. You can also use it as a pretty serving dish.