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Are there any accessories for Le Petit Robinson?

Yes, only the Ceramic Duo.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, only by cheque, in three monthly instalments, at no extra charge.

Can I put my Vitaliseur and its components in the dishwasher?

Yes, the Vitaliseur is fully compatible with the dishwasher.

Can rice or legumes be cooked with the Vitaliseur?

Yes, by using the rice pot instead of the steamer basket. Cooking rice: Put one part rice to two parts water in the rice pot, then let it cook according to taste.

Can the bottom part of the Vitaliseur be used for other kinds of cooking than steam cooking, for example to make a stew?

Le Vitaliseur is designed only for pressureless steam cooking, in order to avoid any Maillard reactions - the chemical reactions that can be observed when cooking food.

Can the item be sent through parcel delivery outlets or the Cityssimo service?

These services are not available.

Can the water drained off from cooking be re-used for cooking?

The water in the steam-making tank must absolutely not be used. It is full of pesticides and other harmful elements from the food.

Does Le Trio Grand Chef compatible with the older version of the Vitaliseur?

Le Trio Grand Chef can also be used with the previous large version of Le Vitaliseur de Marion. In this case, only two containers can be used at the same time (the small Robinson takes only one container at a time).

Does the Vitaliseur come with recipes?

Yes, we offer you a special edition of our new bimonthly magazine 95°,"95°"containing thirty-odd recipes along with nutrition advice and articles.

How can I buy the Vitaliseur?

There are two options available: through our online shop: by post: Nutrition Quantique, BP 5057, 83091 Toulon Cedex, France

How do you prepare a soup?

Start by pre-cooking the vegetables for your soup in the steamer basket, then once they are cooked, replace the steamer basket with the rice pot, put your vegetables in it, and cover them with water. Using a hand blender, mix your soup directly in the rice pot... et voilá, job done: enjoy your meal!

How is the Vitaliseur made ?

The Vitaliseur is made in Portugal in a family-run business. The exterior of the Vitaliseur is polished stainless steel, as are the inside of the lid and sieve. However, the inside of the tank is brushed stainless steel. The artisanal polishing of the product makes it safe for food use. This polishing may leave micro-traces, and the Vitaliseur will not be as perfectly mirror-polished as a pan that has been finished in a chemical bath.

How many people is the Vitaliseur designed to serve?

The Vitaliseur is designed for a maximum of 6 people.

How much does the Vitaliseur cost?

We invite you to visit the shop by clicking here.

How much water should I use with the rice pot?

A third full is enough, but if the cooking lasts a long time, more water should be added to make up for evaporation.

I have not received my order confirmation email, what should I do?

Our shop automatically sends an email when you register and when you put in an order. This email is sent to the address you provided on your client account. It may take a few minutes to arrive, but if you do not receive it, check that it has not been blocked by a SpamFilter in your email account. You can also check that the email address you gave upon registration is correct. If the information you entered is accurate and your email has not arrived within 48 hours, please contact us.

I'm already a registered client, but I've lost my ID or my password, what should I do?

Your ID matches the email address that you entered when you registered. If you've lost your ID or your password, please use the "forgotten password" tab or contact us by email.

I've noticed that the bottom of the Vitaliseur has blackened, can I continue to use it or is it harmful to my health?

Yes, you can continue to use it, this flaw is only a matter of appearance and does not affect the cooking quality. You can clean it off with clay-stone (Pierre d'Argile), which will restore its former luster. Do not use bleach or chlorine.

Is it possible to order from overseas?

Yes, shipping costs are calculated automatically. You will pay the product duty free, and you will pay your customs tax upon receipt.

Is it possible to replace the handles on my Vitaliseur?

Our parts do not fit models of the Vitaliseur bought before January 2013.

Is the Ceramic Duo suitable for the old model of the Vitaliseur?

The Ceramic Duo fits all models of the Marion Vitalizer, even those prior to December 2017. However, if you have an older model Marion Vitalizer we still advise you to use the Ceramic Trio even if you only use 2 ceramics simultaneously and not 3. Indeed, the capacity of each container in the Trio is larger than that of the Duo. The shape of the Trios will also allow you to put two of them on the sieve, leaving a little space to cook a food directly on the sieve. By using the 2 Duo containers simultaneously, you will no longer have any space on the screen to put other food on. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30 on 0494012261 or by email at

Is the new rice pot compatible with a Vitalisuer bought before October 2017?

The rice pot is sold directly with Le Vitaliseur Grand Chef. It is compatible with the previous version of the Vitaliseur of 24-cm diameter. The rice pot cannot be purchased separately.

Is there a summary chart of the Vitaliseur cooking times?

Yes, you'll find it on the fourth page of the Vitaliseur's manual, in the section called "Cooking times". Note that these cooking times are only indicative, you can vary them according to your tastes and your mode of cooking.

Is there a version of the Vitaliseur that's smaller than the 8 litre model?

Yes, Le Petit Robertson is smaller and better suited to serving one or two people.

What are the different models of the Vitaliseur?

Petit Robinson : Small model of the Marion Vitalizer sold without accessories Vitaliseur Grand Chef : Large model Vitalizer sold without accessories Pack Vitaliseur Grand Chef : Vitalizer big model + soup tureen + cake mold Trio Grand Chef : ceramic accessories designed for the Vitalizer Grand Chef

What are the dimensions of the cake pan?

The cake pan is suitable for the Large model (old Vitalizers large models or Grand Chef). It measures 21 cm Length, 12 cm wide and 6 cm high. If you did not order it with your Vitaliseur, you can order it separately only by telephone on 0494012261.

What heating methods is the Vitaliseur compatible with?

It can be used with all kinds of heating methods: electric, glass ceramic, induction or even gas hobs.

What is the Ceramic Duo?

Specially designed for the Little Robinson, the Ceramic Duo is available separately. These ceramic vessels allow you to cook, marinate, confide, make liquid preparations (sauces, broth, water bath, creams), cakes... To summarize, you can prepare everything that cannot be done in the sieve because the holes are too large! The Ceramic Duo consists of 2 ceramic vessels and a cork holder.

What is the Trio Grand Chef?

Specially designed for the Vitalizer Grand Chef, the Trio Grand Chef is available separately. It has been designed to enliven your kitchens, to pulsate your creativity for ever greater simplicity in the relationship you have with food. The Trio Grand Chef consists of 3 ceramic vessels and a cork support. They can be used to cook, marinate, confide, make sauces, cakes and many desserts.

What is the Vitaliseur "Grand Chef" ?

This is the very latest version of the Vitaliseur, which came out on 1st October 2017. What's new about it? - a new design and a new manufacturing process (handles, lid, logo), while the proportions remain unchanged- an improved heating system thanks to a lid that lightly fits onto the steamer basket- gutters along the edges of the steamer basket to lead condensed water perfectly back into the tank- a new rice pot (sold directly with the Grand Chef)- new accessories "Le Trio Grand Chef" (to be ordered separately)

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay directly by debit / credit card, or by cheque(s).

What's the warranty on Le Vitaliseur de Marion?

The Vitaliseur has a 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

When will my Vitaliseur be delivered?

The delivery date is displayed on each product sheet when you add the product to your basket, before proceeding to checkout. Your parcel will be shipped by post via Colissimo.(signature required upon receipt) To preserve the Earth from its resources, our vision is to limit the production of our Vitaliseur. In addition, we make two group deliveries per month. That is why it is the date of receipt of payment that determines the delivery date.

Where is Le Vitaliseur de Marion made?

The Vitaliseur is manufactured in Portugal, and the finishing is done right here in France.

Whom should I make the cheque out to and what address should I send it to?

The cheque should be made out to: Nutrition Quantique, the address is the following: Nutrition Quantique BP 5057 83091 Toulon CEDEX